Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Costume Designer


I am very happy to be able to share with you my two great passions in life: fashion design and dance. All the costumes you see me wearing I have designed and I also create choreographies, teach and perform tribal fusion bellydance. Half of the year, I teach and perform in Europe and India; the majority of the time in Amsterdam and Goa. The beauty of teaching, performing and taking classes is that I'm always learning, integrating and growing. Currently, I'm very passionate about odissi, a classical Indian dance that I am integrating with tribal fusion. Coming back to my spanish roots I feel very inspired to deeply explore Flamenco.


What Is Dance To Me?


When I am asked this question, words do not come easily. That is why I am a dancer. Moving my body in rhythm with the world around just comes naturally, like the tides of the ocean. It gives me freedom and infinite inspiration to physically express my emotions and thoughts. Through this universal art form I can connect with my own Spanish culture and cultures from all around the world. Dance takes me on a journey, an exploration of 'who am I'.


This being another big question which I can answer only through the direct experience of living. I am, therefore I dance.


Feel free to explore my world. 


Keep dancing!



+34 695 14 48 60 

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